Sensei Aktar 6th Dan: His Lifetime of dedication & Training with the world's leading martial arts masters in his younger days below:


Sham Aktar sensei Training in Bruce Lee style Jeet Kune-Do with Bruce Lee's best & top student
Sifu Danny Inosanto in his younger days. ( Sifu Danny Inosanto starred in Bruce Lee's film " The game of Death " )


 With the Legendary master Hirokazu Kanazawa Shihan 10th Dan


With Abe sensei 8th Dan
A true Samurai ..

 With Tanaka sensei 8th Dan one of JKA's best kumite champion .

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With Shirai Sensei 8th Dan
Great Master of Knowledge !!...


With Mikio Yahara sensei 8th Dan JKA's dynamite ..

Sham Aktar Sensei 6th Dan - Chief Coach / Instructor/Examiner

Sham Aktar - 6th Dan is the club's chief instructor & examiner. Originally a fan of Bruce Lee as a Child, he got his early inspiration in wanting to learn martial arts watching all Bruce Lee films and Samurai films such as the Shogun Assassin etc. Also the fact that since early childhood, he grew up in challenging times, his high School had a reputation in the neighbourhood of having some of the roughest, toughest bullies in the neighbourhood, so naturally he had to put up with a lot of tough competition every day of his school life & often ended up always trying to prove himself in front of the 'Big Lads' in order to survive his School days. He never backed away from a fight or any challenge, even though many times he got beaten severely. This kept him very physically active,preparing for the many situational challenges that occured, and so he tried learning Boxing,and many martial arts such as, Judo,Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, and others, as he wanted to see the one that appealed to him the most,following in the footsteps of his mentor Bruce Lee.  Over decades of training, including many trips to both China,Malaysia, and Japan to train with the world's best known masters of JKA Shotokan karate and other martial arts, he has been able to fulfill his ambition in life, and has acquired precious gems of knowledge that he passionately desires to pass on to his dedicated & committed karate students, as his contribution towards the positive human development through martial arts in society. Sensei Aktar never forgets the principles and teachings of JKA Shotokan and other martial arts that he learned from all the top legendary masters,and now in his Dojos' he tries to simplify them for all his students,so what took many years of practise by trial and error, is simplified and taught at world class level by sensei Aktar for his students to make sure their martial arts journey is the best that it can possibly be. He has been personally taught by the worlds very best masters such as :
Master Kase 10th Dan, Nishiyama 10th Dan, Asai 9th Dan, Kanazawa 9th Dan,Shirai 8th Dan,Enoeda 8th Dan,Tanaka 8th Dan, Yahara 8th Dan,Kawasoe 8th Dan,and others, some of whom sadly are no longer alive today. Each master was so good & unique at some special aspect or skill of Shotokan JKA and sensei Aktar had vowed from his early days training with them to capture the essence of each of their technique/s,& teachings and to be able to simplify & teach them in his own unique way to his dedicated, & enthusiatic students, which he does very successfully in his clubs as his students have begun to shine in all aspects of martial arts.This also saves them years of wasteful learning as he has a simplified system, like a road map for them to train on to achieve their ultimate success, not only in martial arts but in all aspects of their lives.
Sensei Aktars unique teaching point is to be able to take a dedicated student way past his/her potential to the ultimate level of technique and skill by simplifying the essence of teachings of the teachings of the great original masters. Thus ensuring high quality effective karate and state of mind learning & development for his students. You can be guaranteed an improvement in your physical & mental state when training with Sensei Aktar, as he always,simplifies & gently encourages you beyond your limit to find your true hidden potential in ultimate karate skills..This is the essence of his teaching. It is also in this way that many of his students continue to have successful first placings in JKAWF national karate competitions.
If you are interested in training in JKA Karate why not check out Aktar sensei's classes for yourself..Call now:0800 999 1959 text: 07956 553417


With Yaguchi sensei 8th Dan
One of the great few old -timers..


Nick MacFarren Sensei - 5th Dan
Nick MacFarren Sensei has been practicing karate and martial arts since 1975. He got his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate with Hanshi Tatsuo Suzuki in 1985  .. then changed to Shotokan karate in 1990. He Joined Sensei Masao Kawasoe 8th Dan club in London and started again from white belt and has been with him ever since as he says he is a great inspiration.  He has had the privilege to train with some of the top karate and jujitsu instructors in the world. Recently he has been inspired by Sensei Sham Aktar's Shotokan JKA Karate & his approach to the teaching methods of the original JKA masters & their training ideas  & concepts. He decided to join Aktar Sense's Shotokan Karate JKA Academy organisation to improve his own Karate to the next best optimal level. He is thus a great inspiration to all students at the Shotokan Karate JKA Academy of a truly dedicated instructor.


Hassan Mehraj 2nd Dan - Assistant Coach 

Hassan Sampai 2nd Dan, started at the Shotokan JKA Academy as a beginner about 12 years ago and through his hard work, dedication, enthusiasm,and progression under Aktar sensei's direction,quickly progressed through the grades upto the BBC and leadership clubs to become an enthusiastic Shodan Black Belt & popular assistant coach at the Shotokan JKA Academy, especially with the new special beginner students. He uses all his knowledge and skills gained at the Shotokan JKA  Academy to motivate and inspire beginning and elementary class students to progress towards higher levels through his inspirational teaching style that he has learned through Sensei Aktar's direct guidance. He continues to improve his Karate through Aktar Sensei's guidance.


Nathan Ucher Sampai 1st Dan - Junior Assistant Coach 

Nathan Ucher started as a beginner at the Shotokan JKA Academy many years ago and worked his way up through the BBC & leadership programs to become one of the youngest Black Belt coaches at the Academy. He is also one of our most enthusiastic & committed students & assistant (Sampai) 


Prab Padisetti Sampai 1st Dan - Assistant Coach 

 Prab Sampai has been training with the club for many years, starting as a beginner, and through his enthusiasm and motivation,guided & channeled positively by Aktar Sensei 6th Dan,has been able to become a Shodan Black Belt over a period of time. He also provides an extremely active,motivating & lively practise session for the students at the Shotokan JKA Academy, especially in terms of conditioning and fitness, under the guidance of Aktar Sensei. Lately encouraging his own family & children to take up karate too.